Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Research Centre promotes the regular PhD/DLitt courses of University of Swahili, Panama.

To know about the university:





The university is listed by Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations.

The university is an affiliate of INQAAHE the only recognized accreditation agency by Ministry of Education in all countries.

This an Indo-American University managed by both Indians and Americans.


Master Degree in concerned subject


You have to submit the application form with all Certificate Copies Degree/Mark sheets Copies from School level to Master level.


There will be 15 online course work exams. Out of these 3 papers will be common for all faculty. Study materials will be provided for common papers. For other 12 papers recommended books will be suggested.

All exams are of Multiple Choice Type of 1-hour duration each.

Examination links will be provided by the university which are valid for 24 hours. You can attend exam only once.

You have to submit thesis and attend viva voce exam over skype.


3 years, Fees Contact us:  director@akrc.res.in


UNIVERSITY OF SWAHILI FOUNDATION is chartered with the Public Registry of Government of Panama under Article 37 of Panama Foundation Law 25 of 1995 (June 12th, 1995- as per Official Gazette No.22,804 of June 14th,1995).

The University of Swahili Foundation is empowered to award credentials as per article 8 of the charter of the foundation. Government of panama public registry Folio No.25025694

The University is accredited by BSS Promoted by National Development Agency Government of India.Chartered Campus in India.

An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Educational Institution.

University of Swahili, Panama is listed by Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations.

University of Swahili, Panama is a candidate for affiliate status with INQAAHE, Barcelona, Spain (This is the only International Accrediting Organization recognised by all governments.


For the attention of Indian students who seek UGC Accreditation AIU the official agency of University Grants Commission, Government of India has stated vide its letter No.ASIUN/A/2017/6009 Dated:06/10/2017 that they are not evaluating PhD/DLitt level degrees of International Universities. Our experience shows that normally it is considered by the employer after going through the quality of the research work of the candidate.